1911 Trigger Mod & Hand Guard Safety Pin

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1911 Trigger Mod & Hand Guard Safety Pin

Customer is a competition shooter and wanted some simple mods to his 1911. He was asking for a trigger pull of 2.5lbs and his hand guard safety to be pinned so its always enabled. For this as shown in the video you can see the main spring housing and grip safety are merged together and pinned so its always enabled. The leaf spring was adjusted so that the the pull on the trigger was lessened to 2.25lbs. I shot for 2.5 but the spring is finicky to say the least. In the picture below on the right side is the seer spring. If you bend the spring back it lessens the pull on the trigger. If you want more you bend it forward. It doesn’t take much. The slightest bend causes more or less weight on the trigger pull. For this and other tips please follow our Facebook page.

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