Author: Brian Fertig

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Initial shots from our new line.

In the following video you can see our initial shots from our 223/556 Whistlin’ Dixie Munitions product line. ** Please ignore the dog. He’s a liberal. **

1911 Trigger Mod & Hand Guard Safety Pin

Customer is a competition shooter and wanted some simple mods to his 1911. He was asking for a trigger pull of 2.5lbs and his hand guard safety to be pinned…
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Creating a steam tube for bluing.

Materials needed: Schedule 40 white PVC 3 or 4″ 3 or 4″ Cap Toilet Flange Metal pot ($10 at walmart) Heating element Water…. So quick history… Todays gunsmiths are setup…
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Winchester Model 37 1946 Restore

I was given a Win M37 for my oldest. It was my father in laws. It wasn’t given the best of treatment but we will fix all of that. This…
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Welcome to our Gunsmith blog. Here you will see examples of our work, tips and tricks, how not to do things, etc. Please come back to see what new things…
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