Creating a steam tube for bluing.

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Creating a steam tube for bluing.

  • Materials needed:
    • Schedule 40 white PVC 3 or 4″
    • 3 or 4″ Cap
    • Toilet Flange
    • Metal pot ($10 at walmart)
    • Heating element
    • Water….

So quick history… Todays gunsmiths are setup to dunk barrels and parts for bluing and well this setup is expensive. I looked at a few sites. They are from $500 to $2000 for the setup not including chemicals. Forget that. I opted to use Brownells American Bluing solution. You wipe on and then boil off. (This is where the tube comes in) 100 years ago during the industrial revolution you had smiths that had access to steam. Some I’m sure used it to boil water but others could do what we are going to do here. Please see our 1946 Winchester Model 37 Restoration Project for more information on how to use the steam tunnel.

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