Update on Ammo Delivery

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Update on Ammo Delivery

Hello everyone I hope everyone is well. I wanted to put out an update. I spoke to my supplier today. I have 223 and 9MM coming next week. I will be ordering more but it could be a few weeks before it lands. 50 Beowulf should only be another week give or take. Brass for 50 Beo is becoming hard to get. They will be retooling and running that next week. I am placing an order for a case of .40/.45 today. I should have it in about 3 weeks. This ammo is first come first serve. If you preorder then your ammo will be available to you the day its delivered. You can preorder on our website. We are adding more calibers to our website as fast as we can. If you do not preorder I cannot guarantee how long the ammo I receive will last. Thank you for being patient with us. We know these are frustrating times.

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