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Greetings and thank you for choosing us for your purchase.  We stock some items but the vast majority we source and bring in-house for final manufacture.  Currently the times below are worst case numbers for delivery of items.  If you want to contact us before placing an order to get a better delivery date feel free.  

AR Uppers — 2-3 weeks in some cases.  Typically we can retrieve all of the parts and have them built in shipped in 2-3 days.  

AR Lowers — Almost worth their weight in gold.  They typically take upwards of 30-45 days to get in.  They are scarce but we have the ability to get them in.  It just takes time. 

AR Rifles — Please see AR Lowers.

Ammunition — We manufacture 9mm, 300BO, 5.56 is produced in-house.  We are constantly sourcing all of the components to build ammunition.  We ship orders as fast as we create them.  There are times and delays where we get stuck on sourcing items.  It takes time.  As long as we can source the materials we will build ammo and ship it to you.